Michael Miller Dance


Dance Levels









For first-time beginners or beginners in a particular dance: covers bare basics and foundation steps to introduce you to dancing in general.  Frame, Line of Dance, Foot Placement and the elements of a specific dance.  (Social Ease)


Level I


Taught at the "Advanced Beginner" level: recommended for students who have completed the foundation steps at the Newcomer level and are now acquainted with Frame, Line of Dance, Foot Placement and other dance basics.  (Beginning Bronze)


Level II


For Intermediate students: entails more complex pattern amalgamations and accompanying technique.  A comfortable working knowledge of basics in the dance being taught is required.  (Full Bronze)


Level III


Progressive Intermediate/Advanced:  challenging, for well-rounded, experienced dancers who have taken a variety of classes and private lessons, jumps to a new level, incorporating continuity style smooth and intricate Latin dance combinations with accompanying technique.  Certain dances, such as Bolero and Viennese Waltz begin at this level.  (Beginning Silver)


Level IV


Advanced and Challenging:  for accomplished dance students with knowledge of continuity style smooth and advanced Latin dance patterns.  (Full Silver)